Sprag Clutches

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Sprag Clutches Manufacturer

A Sprag clutch is a variant of freewheel clutch that resembles roller bearings with a few points of difference. Non-revolving sprags of asymmetrical eight shape are used in sprag clutches in place of cylindrical rollers. As the unit starts to rotate in a certain direction, the rollers in the sprag freewheel. As torque is applied in the other direction, a wedging action is produced by the roller causing friction. Spring-loaded, sprag clutches lock without causing any or little backlash.

We are a Sprag Clutche manufacturer, bringing to you a great many kinds of sprag clutches that roll freely in one direction ensuring maximum torque with no backlash.

Advantages of Sprag Clutches

A Sprag Clutche has many advantages, depending on its applications. With our products, we assure you the following ones:

  • Our sprags have very small masses which means high indexing frequency on account of low inertia. Up to 60Hz of frequency is attainable because of small mass.
  • Our sprags being small in size save a lot of space. Our clutches have tiny head surfaces which allows them to be installed in large numbers in a very crammed up space. That ensures high torque capacity without the clutter.
  • Our clutches feature special designs which coupled with high accuracy of production warranty maximum indexing reliability and accuracy. The clamping curve helps keep the accuracy high at all times.

On conveyor drives, a sprag clutch has four dominant applications, namely, overrunning, backstopping, indexing and hoist load braking.

  • Overruning is when two motors or more can be engaged to run a machine, by the way of the same shaft. The typical setup for this is the prime mover or the service drive that provides high speed and power for all normal operations. The pony drive, which is the secondary drive can be used for the maintenance of the conveyor by engaging at a low speed and power. The overrunning clutch enables the pony drive to stand in place at the time of high speed operations.
  • The second is indexing in which the sprag clutches produce a motion which provides for full accuracy in the drive. The sprag clutch is linked to the prime mover and then the reciprocating motion produced from the prime mover is changed into indexing movement which is transmitted to the clutch race.
  • Hoist load brake as most of you known is a secondary brake that is used to stop industrial hoists from dropping loads catastrophically in cases of mechanical failures.
  • Backstopping is what prevents the load on the conveyor from skidding back as the system is stopped. The sprag clutch is fitted to the frame of the machine through the torque arm. While that outer race is stuck to the torque arm, the inner race of the clutch moves freely in a forward direction. Thus when stopped the sprag clutch prevents the machine from running backward. For this application, the sprag clutch is also called holdback or backstop. PSMFG is a Sprag clutches manufacturer in China supplying its products to buyers nationally and internationally.