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One way clutch bearings, also known as Sprag style bearings are one-way free clutches. They are made from drawn cups containing roller clutches and a radial section height of small size. One way clutches are also commonly referred to as one-way bearings or just one way clutch. Other names for them are clutch bearings and anti-reverse bearings.

At PSMFG, we manufacture one way clutches of the most efficient variety. Our clutch bearings are guaranteed lightweight, compact and directly functional on the shaft. With our products, transmitting instant high torque is easy as a cake. A dominant one way clutch manufacturer in todays market, we bring to you a cache of bearings of different specifics. Functions Most buyers are aware of the general functioning of one way bearing, but for those who are new, here is a briefing of what they do. One-way clutches transmit torque in one direction between a shaft and a housing, thereby allowing free motion on opposite directions. Mounting a clutch is pretty simple. It has a simple press fit which needs to put in the housing. We offer clutch bearings in metrics and inches series. Aside from one-way bearings, we also offer those sans bearing assemblies.


Listed below are some of the top features of our one way clutches.

  • With our clutch bearings, torque can be directly transmitted by either the shaft or the housing.
  • The torque is transmitted positively by the rollers which are wedged against the interior ramps.
  • Minimum backlash and loss of motions during the transition to lock from free motion.
  • The products are available in either clutch-only or assembly of clutch and bearing.
  • To hold the housing and the shaft, clutch-only units are advised to use with radial support on the outside.

One way clutches have many applications. Here are what you can put our one way clutch bearings to use for:

  • They can be used in exercise equipment that require speed control.
  • They are used for moving paper in machines like copiers, fax machines and even towel dispensers in bathrooms.
  • It is used in appliances of different kinds.
  • One way clutch bearing is popularly used in two-speed gearboxes.
  • It is used in rack indexing drives.
  • It is also used in converters, transcendental clutches and non-return devices.
  • One way clutches can also be used in RC cars, engines and Helis.
  • It is often used in fishing reels.

Here is how to inspect a product bought from a one way bearing manufacturer. You just have to press it down into the ring gage. Make sure that the gage is of proper size for correct fitting. Now gage the bore using a plug gage of the right size. The locking plug is spun to lock it up as the clutch is put to use in low limit shaft.

We are both the manufacturer and supplier of one way clutches as well as many other related products. Check out our catalogue to find out all the products we make and carry.