Overrunning Clutches

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Overrunning Clutches Manufacturer

Overrunning clutches, otherwise known as freewheel clutches are devices that are used to freewheel in a particular direction when driving in an opposite direction of rotation. The function of the clutch involves disconnecting itself mechanically from the driveshaft as the driven shaft starts to turn faster than the driveshaft. An overrunning clutch has many different applications across industries. It is widely used in industries like mining, agriculture, aerospace, indexing and metal processing.

We are an overrunning clutches manufacturer in China bringing to the market a huge inventory of clutches and bearing at affordable prices. In the category of overrunning clutches, we present a wide variety of devices that have applications in diverse industries.

Types of Overrunning Clutch

Insofar, there are four main variants of overrunning clutches that are:

  • Sprag clutch
  • Roller ramp
  • Wedge clutch
  • Wrap spring
Clutch Design

The overrunning clutches have different designs, each one based on the model concerned. The longest lasting one is that of the roller ramp. It has cylindrical rollers that are set in wedge-like gaps in the outer surface of the cylinder as well as the flat inner surface. As rotation produces friction between the rollers and the surfaces, the wedge sits tightly in the gaps while the inner side turns in the driving direction. This activates the clutch.

The sprag clutch has a different design, and therefore a different style of operation. Although quite similar to roller ramps, this one uses bean-shaped irregular sprags which works in only one direction. The sprag clutch produces better torque. Conversely, they are limited by the bore size and radial space restrictions.

Wrap spring clutches are called so because of their helical springs which transmit torque in a certain direction while tightly wounding the cylindrical sleeve. The wrap spring clutches are mostly used in low-speed operation where a mediocre design works fine.

Lastly, the wedge ramp is the ultimate variety of overrunning clutch. A combination of all the three other designs, this one brings the best of all together. Low-cost and easy to repair, this clutch produces great torque and high overrunning speed. But unlike the other variants, this one does not feature a cylinder, but a flat surface with compact springs. That gives it a larger space and better torque.

Design Features
  • It ensures instantaneous action with zero backlash
  • It infinitely changes the wear points for accuracy
  • It warrants more torque with sprags in very little space
  • It offers full roller and sprag complements
  • It features free-action retainer

Overrunning clutches have three basic applications, namely,

  • Overrunning
  • Indexing
  • Backstops or holdbacks

As an overrunning manufacturer in China, we try to bring to you the best engineering and accurate functions. For this, we stick to the best quality products all of which are tested rigorously before they are inventoried for selling. We sell to both retailers as well as individual buyers and for both our price tags are the same. Feel free to get in touch with one of our online executives to ask a question or request a quote for your order today.